Nielsen News: TV on the Edge of Change

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TOPs of 2020 Television

The atypical nature of the year 2020 will be profound enough to drive permanent shifts in consumer behavior, including media consumption. In fact, we’re already seeing them. While much of the shifting behavior involves streaming on-demand video, consumers continue to spend the lion’s share of their TV time with live and time-shifted programming. Sports and news remain the two genres that command massive live viewership.

Given the breadth of media options available, there likely won’t be a time when there’s nothing for consumers to watch or engage with. And the growing depth of available content continues to inspire consumers to spend more time with media each day. In order to make the most of that time spent, networks and advertisers need to stay informed about where the eyeballs are as well as when they’re watching.

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Multiple Options in the TV Ad Buying Process

Television is going through a rebirth, shifting from traditional TV to incorporate many of the benefits of (and avoid the drawbacks of) digital media driven by the innovations in ad tech. TV ad buying today spans a medley of the new and tried-and-true, falling into three main categories: traditional TV, digital video and addressable TV. This article looks at the downsides and upsides of each category, concluding that all of them provide different options and are suitable for different purposes.

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