Nielsen News: TV and Digital in Advertising

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Understanding Campaign Audiences Across TV + Digital

As brands seek to more efficiently connect with consumers, understanding campaign performance across TV and digital has become essential to allocating advertising investments across platforms. TV remains the primary driver of audience reach in cross-platform ad campaigns, with the average number of impressions from TV being nearly 8x greater than impressions from digital campaigns that focused on reaching the 18-49 demographic. Connected TV devices are also growing contributors to campaign performance. When managed together, TV and digital hold the potential to drive real impact for advertisers.

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TV takes top spot as the largest UK advertising channel for automotive brands

TV remains the largest UK advertising channel for automotive brands, with a 6% rise in advertising spend in the 52 weeks to end of February 2019 in comparison to the previous year. However, cinema experienced the largest uplift, with a 14% increase in spend to £31m from £27m in the previous year. We are seeing an increased amount of spend in formats suited to large scale branding campaigns such as TV and Cinema, rather than spreading the cost evenly across channels.

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The Database: How Digital is Evolving Video Content

The average American now spends 10-and-a-half hours each day consuming media, with almost five-and-a-half hours spent watching video. When it comes to video consumption, live TV remains in the driver’s seat when we look at average time spent, but we’re seeing increases in engagement with game consoles, app and web use on smartphones, and internet connected devices. In fact, nearly seven in 10 TV households have a device that can stream content, and a similar amount have access to a streaming SVOD service. But internet connectivity isn’t all about shuttering linear TV. In fact, the rise of vMVPDs, or virtual multichannel programming distributors, provides cord cutters with a way to access traditional television programming without a complete cable or satellite package.

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Uncovering Trends in Media Content across TV and Digital

Of the myriad ways viewers consume TV-originated content, Nielsen found that live TV continues to be the largest contributor to time spent. Within the 18-34 demographic, 66% of the time they spend watching content from the four leading broadcast networks occurs through live TV viewing. When consuming content originated from cable networks, this same group spends 81% of their time viewing this content on live TV. Content consumption through connected TV devices continues to grow, bringing together both linear and dynamic content in an enhanced living room experience. Among the time that people 18-34 spend watching broadcast originated content on digital devices (computers and mobile devices) , 71% of that viewing is spent on smartphones and tablets instead of computers.

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