Nielsen News: Top of 2019 Radio, TV and Social TV, Sales Lift Measurement

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TOP of 2019: Radio

According to Nielsen audience measurement data, adults 18 and older in the U.S. spend just shy of six hours (5 hours, 51 minutes) with their TV-connected devices each week. In fact, radio commands nearly 12 hours (11 hours, 51 minutes) of our weekly media diets—that’s almost four hours more than a typical work day.

Capitalizing on the opportunities with the original electronic mass media hinges on knowing who’s listening to what, where and when. At a broad level, the news/talk format remains the most popular genre on the radio—a designation it’s held for nearly a decade. And with the U.S. presidential election coming up next year, the appeal of news/talk will likely remain strong in 2020.

Adult Contemporary (AC) and Country are also top genres among adults, but their trajectories are heading in different directions (AC is growing; Country is declining). Among younger listeners, Pop Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) and Urban Contemporary are most popular choices, while AC and Pop CHR are the top two genres among the 25-54 crowd.

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TOP of 2019: TV

In the chase for eyeballs, however, one thing, and one thing alone, will win the TV audience: good content. And content producers across the video spectrum—traditional broadcast, cable, streaming—have responded by focusing more time, effort and money on the development of what they believe will attract audiences.

Amid the rise of new platforms and channels, linear TV remains the option with the biggest reach (roughly 90%). And that means the media owners whose programs top the year’s most-watched list continue to command top dollar for the ad spots within their shows. Yet while appointment viewing is alive and well, especially when it comes to sports and news, DVRs remain a staple way that viewers capitalize on their on-demand desires when their schedules demand it.

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TOP of 2019: Social TV

In that regard, 2019 was a significant year for TV and social — from an explosion of OTT offerings to the social platforms’ experimentation in hiding “likes” and “replies,” it’s now more important than ever to measure the impact of social TV. The rankings are in for the most social programs of the year, according to Nielsen’s Social Content Ratings® measurement. Across just Facebook and Twitter owned content, total social interactions about linear TV grew by 120 million from 2018.

Highly social programs this year were marked by action-packed content filled with unpredictability and conflict — whether it was on the battlefield, the football field, in the ring, or for a ring. “Unscripted” broadcasts also pushed to the top of the rankings, as seen by reality competition shows like America’s Got Talent and American Idol.

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Two ways to Measure Sales Lift

CPG marketers need to be able to anticipate and respond to market changes to drive growth and stay ahead of the competition. This means developing ad creative, messaging and offers that resonate with your audience—usually on a tight timeframe. Before you invest, you need data to inform your strategy.

Either way, you validate your hunch before investing in an unproven message, channel or tactic. By making a direct connection between your advertising efforts and actual sales, you’ll have the proof to win over leadership and get the resources you need to scale up or extend a campaign.

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