Nielsen News: The problem with streaming service choice, U.S. podcast listenership news & 5th Annual Marketing Report

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What’s old is new again: Bundles could help consumers cope with increasing streaming service choice

It’s easy to see how audiences could feel overwhelmed by the wealth of new streaming services. The abundance of services, in fact, has many wishing for something that many cord cutters were once trying to get away from: bundled content.

Despite the notable rise in streaming adoption, the premise of bundled content is rooted in something audiences have never wanted more than they do today: convenience. As detailed in our recent State of Play report, 64% of streaming subscribers say they wish there was a single company that would allow them to choose as few or as many video streaming services as they wanted, “more like channels.”

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U.S. podcast listenership continues to grow, and audiences are resuming many pre-pandemic spending behaviors

During a pandemic that drove millions indoors, and in front of screens, a funny thing happened with podcasts: audience engagement increased. And in addition to the wealth of new listeners, engagement among listeners is growing.

While the rise in engagement is somewhat contrary to what might be expected amid the many consumer changes over the past two years, podcast listenership–even at home–has transformed much of the general public into light listeners.

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5th Annual Marketing Report

The Nielsen Annual Marketing Report is now live! For the first time this report provides a truly global outlook with data from across the globe and is available in six different languages. The report provides an inside view into the marketing industry through the eyes of frontline marketers. Key takeaways include the importance of driving brand awareness, ensuring your cross-platform measurement isn’t siloed, solidifying your data strategy for a personalized future and making your brand promise your truth.

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