Nielsen News: Home office and its impact on audio and video streaming platforms

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Time spent streaming ad-supported video is outpacing big-name SVOD viewing

Streaming consumption across all video options is up more than 74 % from last year, accelerated by COVID-19. The big-names SVOD (subscription video on demand) services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon maintain the first place in terms of streaming consumption. However, ad-supported streaming services offer another way of reaching online video content. This is especially appealing for those who lost their jobs or financial resources due to the pandemic. For more detailed information, read the Nielsen’s full report Beyond SVOD: Ad-Supported Streaming Is Starting to Stand out as Video Options Multiply.

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Audio is a co-worker remote employees can rely on

Radio, music streaming platforms, podcast and other audio content remains a fixture of American life in 2020. When the pandemic kept consumers in the confines of their homes, they turned to radio to keep them company, entertain and inform them. It has become the perfect co-worker and best daytime companion for many remote workers. According to Nielsen’s Total Audience Report: Work from Home Edition, three quarters (75 %)  of people listen to music while working from home at least once a week, and 40 % reported tuning in daily — the highest share percentage of media-related activity of any media outlet.

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How working from home is shaping consumers’ power of choice

Nielsen has been tracking the impact of digital connectivity on media consumption for quite some time. Now, the number of people shifting to home office has risen due to COVID-19. According to the Nielsen Remote Workers Consumer Survey, work-from-home consumers are largely enjoying this change in daily routine, as it’s allowed them to strike a better balance between working and living their best lives. And to no surprise, the new normal includes a heavy dose of media consumption. The new covid-home-workers like the flexibility that home office offers.

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The Nielsen Total Audience Report: August 2020

This edition of The Nielsen Total Audience Report dives into the world of working from home—how consumers feel about their productivity, engagement, challenges and the impact this new lifestyle is having on media and device usage. Not only did overall media consumption jump significantly in the first quarter of 2020, video streaming increased from 19% in fourth-quarter 2019 to 25% in second-quarter 2020.

A sudden and permanent shift to a larger remote workforce has wide-ranging impacts for marketers and advertisers, from the potential to infuse new regions with more discretionary income if people move to more affordable areas to shifting what type of media is consumed and when.

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