Nielsen News: Growth trend of consumer devices in the U.S., video streaming, OOH TV viewing and more

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It’s a connected world, and that’s a boon for TV viewers

A Nielsen analysis shows that in December 2001, nine out of 10 U.S. households had access to a VCR. Video game consoles and DVD players have grown or maintained their household penetration levels since Nielsen began reporting them in the early 2000s.

Other consumer devices and services within the last decade have quickly gained wide acceptance by consumers: smartphones (89%), personal computers (79%), tablets (63%) and subscription video on-demand (SVOD) 62%. What’s more is others, such as internet-connected devices (36%) and smart TVs (35%) are growing at a significantly fast clip.

In this increasingly fragmented ecosystem, marketers have new and unique ways to reach consumers, as well as an opportunity to drive brand discovery and, ultimately, return on investment (ROI).

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Streamers show strong ties with traditional TV

Video streaming is on the rise, largely as streaming devices become standard fare for consumers seeking diverse content options.

When it comes to daily TV usage among streamers in the largest TV viewing markets, 53% watch only traditional TV in Detroit in an average day, while 39% use a mix of both traditional TV and a streaming device. Eight percent use only a streaming device in a typical day. 46% use a combination of traditional TV and a streaming device in an average day.

When looking at TV streaming frequency among American streaming device users aged 25-54, the average user streamed content twelve days during the month of November 2017. On average, they streamed for two hours and 28 minutes per day.

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Younger, more affluent viewers power out-of-home TV viewing lift

Younger consumers are finding new ways to watch video via an ever-growing roster of nascent technologies. The common belief is that these viewers are switching subscription video on-demand (SVOD) services or viewing content on their phone with no interest in linear TV.

While it’s true that younger consumers are driving the growth of streaming, especially through their mobile device, they are still seeking hight-quality video on television. The major trend is that they are stepping away from the comfort of their homes to tune in as they grow into independent decision-making consumers of media (goods and services too).

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When it comes to building loyalty, leaders say: Don’t just make a product and talk about it

While today’s media landscape is a boon from a choice perspective, the glut of content, messaging and perspectives presents myriad challenges for media companies, publishers and brands – all of whom have the exact same goal regardless of their individual business: reach consumers and build loyalty with them.

In an era where brands need to move beyond simply knowing if consumers have the television on to whether consumers are actually engaged with what is on the screen, companies are weighing an array of strategies in effort to break through, captivate and establish long-term relationship with consumers.

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