Nielsen News: Digital vs. Real, Video Options and Impressions

Big Push to Impressions for Local TV Is (Finally) Reaching Critical Mass Local TV has […]

Big Push to Impressions for Local TV Is (Finally) Reaching Critical Mass

Local TV has traditionally relied on ratings for transactions, even though that reliance obscured some of the valuable, yet smaller audiences delivered in certain markets. This is why I’m happy to report that, finally, there is a cogent industry movement afoot to change the transactional measurement from ratings to impressions in local TV. The TVB recently announced its commitment to the cause, along with support and advocacy from Nielsen.

For Catherine Herkovic, executive vice president and managing director, local TV, for Nielsen, this movement to impressions-based transactions is not only common sense, but also part of Nielsen’s value as a measurement company. „Nielsen has always done impressions-based measurement,“ she says. „Impressions are the foundation of all of the calculations of everything we do.“

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The Monetization of a minute

The proliferation of platforms and content options across the media landscape is growing at a breakneck pace, and the amount of choice is only going to increase going forward.

In developed media markets, such as the U.S., the expansion of new video options has had the opposite effect. Case in point, Americans now spend just shy of six hours with their TV-connected devices each week. So we believe the downward viewing trend among the Dutch will reverse course over time. In the meantime, however, recent viewing trends highlight just how important every minute of video consumption is—simply because marketers have fewer of them to monetize.

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The Database: A Step Toward Widespread Addresable Ads on Linear TV

As we’ve been reporting over the past year or so, the wait for addressable advertising in the linear TV space is over. Fueled by the mass adoption of smart-enabled television sets and consumers’ increasing desires for unique experiences, a handful of programmers are leveraging data and targeting capabilities to deliver personalized ads within the traditional, linear TV environment. The pool of programmers in this space, however, is about to get much bigger, following the announced beta release of Nielsen’s Addressable TV platform, which includes A+E Networks, AMC Networks, CBS, Discovery, FOX, NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia.

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More Tap or More Talk?

Nielsen: Consumers are playing both sides of the field

This press release brings informations about the survey between digital and real life communication and it’s outcomes. The following two paragraphs brings several informations.

The obsession around social media creates the illusion that digital reality rules, putting on the back burner all real life communication. However, according to a consumer study conducted by global measurement company, Nielsen, 93% of consumers still prefer talking over tapping (89%) when it comes to sharing their brand experiences or seeking recommendations.

Nielsen’s Real Life vs. Digital Life report shows that although consumers are actively engaging online, word of mouth or real life conversation have a stronger influence on consumers’ minds and, therefore, their purchasing decisions. More than half of respondents (58%) confirm that word of mouth influences them highly (vs 46% social media) and 71% indicate real life conversations make an impact on their purchasing decisions.