Nielsen News: Current trends in radio listening in the U.S. + perspectives on brand’s global growth potential

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Radio formats with mass appeal were on the rise in Q1

On a weekly basis, 93 % of all adults in the U.S. tune in to radio, the most of any platform, and radio has 243 million listeners in a given month. Radio has broad appeal for consumers both young and old.

During the first quarter of the year, several formats that have mass appeal saw rises in listeners share – these are results of the March portable people meter ratings.

Adult Contemporary is a format that identifies squarely with mass-appeal music. This year has been one of its best starts to the year with AC surging that we have seen in PPM measurement, particularly with Millennial audiences (18-34 ages).

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How America listens: the American audio landscape

AM/FM radio, on-demand streaming, podcasts, digital radio services and satellite radio are all part of this burgeoning platform. As technology continues to evolve, choices for listening will continue to grow, presenting marketers and advertisers with even more opportunities. Network radio also reaches a wide variety of listeners.

Listenership is growing, and smartphones are driving the surge in podcast popularity, with a 157 % increase in podcast usage on those devices since 2014.

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Maximizing your brand’s global growth potential

To get started, global manufacturers can realize emerging market growth opportunities by understanding how discreationary categories evolve in similar, but more established markets. Pairing the macro factors within a region or a country with identified category specific-drivers, consumer needs, and emerging trends within a given country is key to enabling sustained growth.

Three ways of actionale insights are: put your product into context; get personal; dig deep into your data.

These globally applicable models and clear opportunity identifications allows general managers and product owners to gain executive buy-in to quickly adjust their global country prioritization schemes and product portfolios to capitalize on the right markets, with the right strategies, at the right time.

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