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In 2016 Nielsen Admosphere developed “ABCDE socioeconomic classification” for the Bulgarian TV market. It segments households (and their members) according to their social, economic and educational characteristics. It is intended to define target groups for TV audience analyses as well as planning and evaluation of advertising campaigns.

ABCDE classification was developed specifically for the Bulgarian market, based on a proven concept that Nielsen Admosphere invented in 2012 and then established as a market standard in the Czech Republic (used in TV, radio, print, internet and TGI research).

Households are classified based on large amount of information combined: Household head’s education and professional status, number, age and economic activity of household members, household ownership of selected durables, settlement size and region. ABCDE strongly correlates with household income as well.

ABCDE classification consists of 8 groups, A (highest), B, C1, C2, C3, D1, D2 & E (lowest), uniformly distributed in the population of all Bulgarian households. In Adwind Kite user analyses software supplied by us, ABCDE classification is available to the users also retrospectively for the whole history of our national TAM panel, starting from 1 Dec 2013.

Try the Czech version of the socio-economic classification ABCDE yourself

Visit this site, download the ABCDE calculator, allow macros in Excel, and find out the position of your household compared to the average Czech household.