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We have channeled our long-term experience in TV audience measurement in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria into the development of a new generation of measuring technology. The outcome is the SimMetry platform, technology for both TV programmes audience measurement, audience measurement on computers and the measurement of radio listenership. In the Bulgarian peoplemeter project, this technology has been used since 2012. Consequently, Bulgaria can be counted among those countries using the most advanced measuring technologies in the world.


The new generation of TV audience and radio listenership measurement is based on sound matching, – “audiomatching”. This method of sound matching was developed to respond to the complexity and diversity of contemporary TV devices.

In addition to the peoplemeter, SimEar, a computer application, SimStream, is part of the technology developed to measure the online audience of TV channels and their Internet archives on PCs, from a panel of households connected to the Internet. Audience measurement with the help of SimEar and SimStream has been used in Bulgaria since 2012 and in the Czech Republic since 2013.

The biggest benefit of the new technology lies in its perfectly functioning algorithms and methodilogical processes, rather than in the devices themselves. At the heart of the platform is the production system, SimBios. This takes care of data collection, processing, saving, evaluation and distribution to clients. The key to the data evaluation is provided by the TVStorage system, which records and prepares all necessary audio and video data for sound matching analysis – audiomatching.

How does audiomatching work?

Audiomatching means the gathering and evaluation of sound. The measuring device – SimEar – records certain sound characteristics and these data are sent for processing. The sound from the TV set is taken from the output connector (not from the microphone), so contains only the sound of the watched programme. In addition the information about logged in household members is sent. Peoplemeters automatically send all this information via the GSM network, in the same way that SMS’s are sent from mobile phones. The collected data are then matched with the database of all TV channels sounds in a collection centre.

What are the advantages of SimMetry?

We carefully monitor technology development in TV broadcasting and continuously develop our SimMetry platform to meet the changing needs of the market.

SimMetry technology is used for TV audience measurement in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Armenia.