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The Radio-audience Survey is conducted as continuous project based on a national representative sample.

Questionnaire is based on test and approval of the leading radio stations in Bulgaria and of Nielsen Admosphere Bulgaria clients who have signed a contract for the purchase of Radio-audience data and last but not least also on international expertize of Nielsen.

The copyright on the results of the Survey, as well as the exclusive right to distribute these, belong to Nielsen Admosphere Bulgaria. The results of the Survey cannot be disclosed, published in whole or in part without the written consent of Nielsen Admosphere Bulgaria.

Representativeness of the sample:

Methodology of the study:

  • Electronic online questionnaire – CAWI (computer-assisted web interviews)
  • Day-after recall within 15-minutes intervals
  • Interviews are collected from January to December
  • Covers all main radio station broadcasting in Bulgaria – both national and local
  • Published as so-called Rolling sample
  • Results delivered via analytical software Reporter

Target group:

  • Population 15-69 y. o.

Sample size:

  • 12,000 per year (12 waves á 1,000 respondents)

Metrics available:

  • Rating, daily reach, cumulative (weekly) reach, share and average listening in minutes
  • Possible to analyze according to different demographics, lifestyle and radio stations