Products & Services

Analysis of competitors

Overview of the advertising activities of your competitors according to your specification.

Daily, weekly or monthly reporting. Yearly summaries.


  • comparison of advertisers within relevant product segments based on used advertising space or advertising pricelist price
  • analysis of competitors’ media mix
  • direct reporting of premium advertising campaigns incl. audio-visual content

Monitoring of  trends

Information about changes in the use of different media types or specific media. Information about the popularity of advertising formats, seasonal influences, and the volume of the advertising market over time.

E.g. the volume of advertisements in the daily press for the chosen period, or the activities of individual advertisers throughout the year.

Media audit

Thanks to our data you can verify that your advertisement was really published. The outputs from monitoring make better evaluation possible and more effective cooperation between advertiser, media agency and media, for instance through detailed post-buy spot analysis.

Combination of data with other sources that clients might have

Advertising monitoring can be linked with other data sources.  A common combination is with information about media impact (audience, traffic, listenership, readership) or with sales data. Thus you can obtain reliable information about the impact of your advertisement. E.g., the evaluation of audience, campaign readership or post-buy incl. effective reach.