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Media audience measurement

SimMetry – Technology for media measurement

We develop our own technology for media measurement – SimMetry. We offer a complex system for data collection, technology for television audience measurement, portable measurement devices and an application for online video content viewing measurement.

Television audience measurement in Bulgaria

We are experts in electronic television audience measurement (peoplemeters). We have our own technologies, a complex system for data collection, data maintenance and processing, first class educational and technical background and long experience. We have been measuring television audiences in the Czech Republic since 2002 (and before).

Advertising monitoring

Nielsen Admosphere Ad Intel

Ad Intel brings an integrated and structured overview of advertising, monitored across TV and print media types.


SimCross™ – your solution for optimization of the media mix

One brand or product, similar period, advertise both on TV and online. Question is how to optimize the media mix. What would be rational budget allocation? How to maximize the total reach?

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Radio audience survey

Bulgarian radio audience measurement

The Radio-audience Survey is conducted as continuous project based on a national representative sample.

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